RD Sharma Solutions Class 12 Binomial Distribution

RD Sharma Solutions Class 12 Chapter 33

A binomial distribution can be defined as when a random variable X that counts the number of successes, k, in the n trials, is said to have a binomial distribution with parameters.

n and p, written bin(k; n, p).

In general, a binomial distribution arises when we have the following 4 conditions:

– Identical trials, e.g., 5 coins tosses.

– 2 possible outcomes for each trial “success” and “failure”, e.g., Heads or Tails.

– Trials are independent, e.g., each coin toss doesn’t affect the others.

– P(“success”) = p is the same for each trial, e.g., P(Head) = 2/3 is the same for each trial.

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Binomial Distribution Class 12 RD Sharma Exercises
Binomial Distribution Exercise 33.1
Binomial Distribution Exercise 33.2


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