NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Chemistry Solutions for Chapter 2 - Solutions

NCERT class 12 Chemistry exemplar for chapter 2 Solutions helps you focus on fundamentals to help students with basic concepts. This will make you understand the chapter 2 Solutions thoroughly thereby assist you in score with flying colours in class 12 board examination and graduate entrance examinations.

NCERT class 12 Chemistry exemplar for chapter 2 pdf is an important study material that provides you with exemplar questions and problems given in NCERT Exemplar book. Along with NCERT questions, this pdf has several extra questions prepared by experts at BYJU’S. This solution has MCQ’S, Fill in the blanks, match the following, exercises, assignments and numerical problems that help your exam preparation.

Class 12 Chemistry NCERT Exemplar Problems on Solutions

The chapter solution is about learning the formation of different types of solutions, Henry’s law and Raoult’s law, difference between non-ideal and ideal solutions. In CBSE board examination questions are always asked from this chapter. To understand the concepts of this chapter students are advised to solve the NCERT exemplar class 12 chemistry chapter 2 solutions.

Concepts involved in class 12 chemistry chapter 2 Solutions are:

  1. Types of Solutions – Gaseous, liquid and solid solutions
  2. Expressing Concentration of Solutions – formula and numerical
  3. Solubility
    1. The solubility of a Solid in a Liquid
    2. The solubility of a Gas in a Liquid
  4. Vapour Pressure of Liquid Solutions
    1. Vapour Pressure of Liquid-Liquid Solutions
    2. Raoult’s Law as a special case of Henry’s Law
    3. Vapour Pressure of Solutions of Solids in Liquids
    4. Ideal and Non-ideal Solutions
  5. Ideal Solutions
    1. Non-ideal Solutions
    2. Colligative Properties and Determination of Molar Mass
  6. Relative Lowering of Vapour Pressure
    1. Elevation of Boiling Point
    2. Depression of Freezing Point
    3. Osmosis and Osmotic Pressure
    4. Abnormal Molar Masses.

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