NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Chemistry Solutions for Chapter 5 - Surface Chemistry Solutions

NCERT class 12 Chemistry exemplar for chapter 5 Surface chemistry provided by BYJU’S comprehensive solution to exemplar in NCERT class 12 chemistry book along with extra questions and numerical problems prepared by Chemistry teachers at BYJU’S.

Solving the exemplar questions will help the students to learn the basic and higher level concepts related to that chapter. CBSE Class 12 is very important for a student. The marks scored in class 12 is used to get admission in college. To score good marks in class 12 CBSE exam students are advised to solve the exemplar questions.

Class 12 Chemistry NCERT Exemplar Problems on Surface Chemistry

After studying this NCERT class 12 Chemistry exemplar for chapter 5 pdf you will be able to understand the topic completely from the exam point of view and you will be able to surface chemistry class 12 NCERT notes which comes handy during the time of examination.

Concepts involved in chapter 5 surface Chemistry are:

  1. Adsorption
    1. The distinction between Adsorption and Absorption
    2. Mechanism of Adsorption
    3. Types of Adsorption
    4. Adsorption Isotherms
    5. Adsorption from Solution Phase
    6. Applications of Adsorption
  2. Catalysis
    1. Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis
    2. Adsorption Theory of Heterogeneous Catalysis
    3. Shape-Selective Catalysis by Zeolites
    4. Enzyme Catalysis
    5. Catalysts in Industry
  3. Colloids
  4. Classification of Colloids
    1. Classification Based on the Physical State of Dispersed Phase and Dispersion Medium
    2. Classification Based on the Nature of Interaction between Dispersed Phase and Dispersion Medium
    3. Classification Based on the Type of Particles of the Dispersed Phase, Multimolecular, Macromolecular and Associated Colloids
    4. Preparation of Colloids
    5. Purification of Colloidal Solutions
    6. Properties of Colloidal Solutions
  5. Emulsions
  6. Colloids around Us.

This solution has MCQ’S, match the following, fill in the blanks, true or false and numerical problems questions which are very important for the preparation of JEE, State board entrance exams, NEET, AIPMT etc.

To help students we have provided the NCERT exemplar class 12 chapter 5 surface chemistry.

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