Class 11 Physics Chapter 3 Notes Motion In A Straight Line

What is Motion in a Straight Line?

If the position of an object changes with time then it is said to be in motion.

What is Path Length?

The total length of the path which has to be traversed by the object is known as path length.

What is Displacement?

The change in position is termed as displacement. The displacement magnitude between the same points is proportional to path length.

What is Uniform Motion?

When the object’s displacement is equal in equal intervals of time, then it is called uniform otherwise is referred to as non-uniform.

What is Average Speed?

The ratio between total path length traversed and the time has taken is called average speed.

What is Instantaneous Velocity?

Whenever the limit of average velocity has an infinitely small time interval, then it is referred to as instantaneous velocity.

What is Average Acceleration?

The change in velocity with respect to the time interval within which the change happened is termed as average acceleration.


Important Questions

  1. In which of the following examples of motion, can the body be considered approximately a point object:
  • (a) a tumbling beaker that has slipped off the edge of a table
  • (b) a monkey sitting on top of a man cycling smoothly on a circular track.
  • (c) a railway carriage moving without jerks between two stations.(d)a spinning cricket ball that turns sharply on hitting the ground
  1. The position-time (x-t) graphs for two children A and B returning from their school O to their homes P and Q respectively are shown in Fig. 3.19. Choose the correct entries in the brackets below ;
  • (a) (A/B) lives closer to the school than (B/A)
  • (b) (A/B) overtakes (B/A) on the road (once/twice)
  • (c) (A/B) walks faster than (B/A)
  • (d) A and B reach home at the (same/different) time
  • (e) (A/B) starts from the school earlier than (B/A)

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