Class 11 Physics Chapter 3 Notes


These CBSE class 11 physics chapter 3 notes are in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus prescribed by the Central Board. With these notes, learning the chapter will become easy and effective. In these class 11 physics chapter 3 notes learn about different sets of properties of motion in a straight line and why they are important. These notes are prepared in a structured manner by our subject matter experts so that students can understand and grasp the concepts easily.

Motion in a straight line class 11 notes pdf include every important equation, formulas and definition that is asked in the CBSE class 11th exams.

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A potential difference of 600 V is applied across the plates of a parallel plate capacitor. The separation between the plates is 3 mm. An electron projected vertically, parallel to the plates, with a velocity of 2×106 ms1 moves undeflected between the plates. What is the magnitude of the magnetic field between the capacitor plates?