General Science GK Questions for Class 5

General Science GK Questions for Class 5 cover a wide range of fascinating topics related to space, earth, interesting facts on sound, light, planets, important inventions that changed the world, scientists and their contributions in changing the way we humans live on this earth.

It is always important that class 5 students develop the habit of understanding and analysing what is happening around him/her. GK Questions will help 5th standard students to grow academically as well as personally. In the pursuit of a child’s success, developing the habit of solving GK Questions early on is an important trait that needs to be inculcated. General Knowledge will play a critical role in the holistic development of any child. Learning is never ending since knowledge is infinite.

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The below given multiple choice General Science GK Questions for class 5 will help students prepare for various inter-school and intra-school quiz competitions. It will also help students to enrich their knowledge and kindle their curiosity in the field of science. GK Questions for class 5 will throw light on interesting facts about General Science.

General Science GK Questions for Class 5

Here is a list of General Science questions in English for class 5,

1) Which planet is known as the Red Planet?

a) Earth

b) Mars

c) Venus

d) Mercury

2) _______ is the famous scientist who discovered gravity.

a) Sir Issac Newton

b) Albert Einstein

c) Michael Faraday

d) None of the above

3) ________ is considered as the father of the Indian Space Program.

a) C V Raman

b) Homi J Bhabha

c) Abdul Kalam

d) Vikram Sarabhai

4) __________ was born on 15th September. This day is celebrated as Engineers Day in India.

a) V Radhakrishnan

b) Sir M Visvesvaraya

c) Abdul Kalam

d) Satish Dhawan

5) In our solar system, the asteroid belt is found between ______ and _____.

a) Mars and Jupiter

b) Earth and Mars

c) Jupiter and Saturn

d) Venus and Earth

6) ________ is a famous scientist from Sweden known as the inventor of dynamite.

a) Thomas Alva Edison

b) Neils Bohr

c) Alfred Nobel

d) Marie Curie

Download General Science GK Questions for Class 5 PDF

7) The longest bone in the human body is ________.

a) Femur

b) Stirrup

c) Tibia

d) Fibula

8) William Cullen made the first _______.

a) Air Conditioner

b) Refrigerator

c) Solar Water heater

d) None of the above

9) Wright Brothers invented ________.

a) Gun

b) Battle Tank

c) Ships

d) Airplane

10) Solar System is in ___________ galaxy.

a) Milky Way

b) Andromeda

c) Proxima Centauri

d) None of the above

11) _______ is the most common element found in our universe.

a) Helium

b) Oxygen

c) Hydrogen

d) Nitrogen

12) ________ is the second most abundant element found on earth’s crust.

a) Iron

b) Nickel

c) Cadmium

d) Silicon

13) Sound cannot travel through a vacuum.

a) True

b) False

14) _________ is used in balloons as it is lighter than air.

a) Helium

b) Oxygen

c) Nitrogen

d) Argon

15) Speed of light in a vacuum is ________

a) 1,00,000 km/sec

b) 2,00,000 km/sec

c) 3,00,000 km/sec

d) None of the above

The above questions are some of the most important general knowledge questions on General Science for Class 5. The answers to them are provided below in the box. For more of such exciting questions on GK on other topics, download our learning app.

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Here are the Answers to General Science Questions for Class 5

1. b) 2. a) 3. d) 4. b) 5. a)
6. c) 7. a) 8. b) 9. d) 10. a)
11. c) 12. d) 13. a) 14. a) 15. c)

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