NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Physics Solutions for Chapter 5 - Magnetism And Matter

NCERT class 12 Physics exemplar for Chapter 5 Magnetism and matter not only serve merely as a question bank for examinations but are primarily meant to improve the quality of teaching/learning process in schools. Students can benefit themselves by attempting the exercises given in the book for self-assessment and also in mastering the basic techniques of problem-solving.

NCERT class 12 Physics exemplar for Chapter 5 provides you with an opportunity to get well versed with the topic in chapter 5 through different kind of question that is usually of higher end and are asked in the national level entrance and competitive examination.

Class 12 Physics NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Magnetism and Matter

Magnetism is a property which explains the phenomenon of two interactive objects which are magnetic in nature and portray the virtue of an attractive or repulsive force. The electrons in an atom move in a certain motion lead to the phenomenon of magnetism occurring.

Important concepts involved in Chapter 5 Magnetism and matter:

    1. Magnetism introduction
    2. Bar magnet- formula derivation and problems
      1. The magnetic field lines
      2. Bar magnet as an equivalent solenoid
      3. The dipole in a uniform magnetic field
      4. The electrostatic analogue>
    3. Magnetism And Gauss’s Law – statement, derivation, numerical
      1. Magnetic declination and dip
    5. Magnetisation And Magnetic Intensity – Net magnetic moment per unit volume derivation and calculation
    6. Magnetic Properties Of Materials
      1. Diamagnetism
      2. Paramagnetism
      3. Ferromagnetism


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