RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 Probability

RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 Chapter 33

In earlier classes, we have learnt about two approaches to the theory of probability, which are

(i) Statistical Approach discussed in class 9th

(ii) Classical Approach discussed in class 10th

The axiomatic definition of probability includes both the classical and statistical approaches as particular cases and overcomes the deficiencies of each of them. In order to understand this approach we must know about some basic terms viz. Random experiment, elementary events, sample space compound events etc. The word experiment means an operation which can produce some well-defined outcomes. There are two types of experiment viz.(i) Deterministic experiments and (ii) Random or Probability experiment

Associated with every random experiment there are two basic terms viz. Elementary events (outcomes) and sample spaces. In further exercises, we will be looking at examples where new events can be constructed by combining two or more events associated with a random experiment. Learn through the solved examples about different types of events such as sure event, impossible event, compound event, mutually exclusive event, exhaustive event, etc. which are provided in the RD Sharma solutions for chapter “Probability”.  




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