RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 Linear Inequations

RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 Chapter 15

A statement involving variables and the sign of inequality viz. >, <, and is called an inequality or inequation. Thus in a linear inequation we will have an algebraic equation or value of a quantity not being equal to one another. This chapter in class 12th deals with operations on equations with the inequalities, learning how the conditions change when shifting a variable or value from one side to the other. Also learning about how to apply the modulus to an inequality equation and how it will affect the inequality conditions.

The basic information on the topic will be available on the NCERT textbook and by solving their questions and answers will help you get the basic knowledge on the topic. For a more exam oriented approach and preparation, RD sharma is the way to go. With their in depth foundation in mathematics, they look for the not so easy to solve problems. This will help you train yourself to improvise and think from alternative perspectives on the concept. Thus, here we have RD sharma solutions for class 11th Chapter 15: Linear Inequations, to help you in this endeavour.

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