RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 Sets

RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 Chapter 1

A set is a collection of distinct objects. It is represented in curly brackets (or braces). A set can be written in two forms namely Roster form and Set-builder form.

Different types of set are as follows: Empty set, Singleton set, Finite set, Cardinal set of a finite set, Infinite set, Equivalent set, Equal set, Universal set, Power set etc.

Now let’s have a look on relation of two sets. A set ‘P’ is a subset of set ‘Q’ if all the elements of set P are present in set Q.

In the year 1880, John Venn introduced a diagram to represent all possible collection of different sets. A Venn diagram consists of multiple overlapping closed curves, usually circles, each representing a set. Venn diagram can be used to represent different operation of sets, some of which are as follows:

  1. Union of set (\(A \cup B\)): Union of two set A and B represent all the elements of either A or B.
  2. Intersection of Set (\(A \cap B\)): Intersection of two set A and B is a set that belongs to both A and B.
  3. Complement of set (\({A}'\))): Let U be universal set. Complement of set A  means all those elements of U which are not in A.

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