RD Sharma Solutions Class 6 Data Handling Presentation Of Data

RD Sharma Solutions Class 6 Chapter 21

Firstly each type of data is collected through observation. This initial gathering of observation is called raw data. After collection of data, the person has to find ways to arrange them in tabular form in order to observe their features and study them. Such an arrangement is called presentation of data. The raw data can be arranged in any of following ways.

  1. Ascending Order
  2. Descending Order
  3. Alphabetic Order

When the raw data is put in ascending or descending order of magnitude it is called an array or arrayed data. This data can be studied using different methods of tally marks and frequency distribution. The number of times an observation occurs in the given data is called the frequency of the observation. Understand the concepts of frequency distribution and how to construct the distribution table by observing the solved examples. Learn these concepts easily by practicing the questions from the exercises given in RD Sharma solution for the chapter “Data handling I (Presentation of Data)”.

Chapter 21 Data Handling I (Presentation of Data)
Data Handling I (Presentation of Data) Exercise 21.1

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