RD Sharma Solutions Class 6 Understanding Three Dimensional Shapes

RD Sharma Solutions Class 6 Chapter 16

The detailed RD Sharma solutions for class 6 maths of the chapter “Understanding Three Dimensional Shapes” is given here. The questions were according to the CCE guidelines by Central Board Of Secondary Education i.e. CBSE. The RD Sharma maths book for Class 6 contains several exercises on this chapter and the solutions to those questions can be found here with detailed explanations.

What Are Three Dimensional Shapes?

To understand 3D shapes, one must understand the 2D concepts thoroughly. In 2D structures, the figures only have a specific length and height. Thus, the structures like circles, square and triangles are drawn on the paper can be classified as 2D structures.

Now, if the structures include length, height and thickness (width). In contrary to the 2D structures, the 3D shapes have a particular volume. Some of the examples of 3D shapes include sphere, cube, cone, pyramid, etc.

The students can check the comprehensive RD Sharma solutions to the exercises of this chapter i.e. Understanding Three Dimensional Shapes below. The solutions are easy to understand and students of varying educational capabilities can easily understand and comprehend the concepts.

The RD Sharma Class 6 solutions for Chapter 6: Understanding Three Dimensional Shapes are given in the following table:

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