RD Sharma Solutions Class 6 Decimals

RD Sharma Solutions Class 6 Chapter 7

Mathematics Textbook by R D Sharma class 6 is completely based on the latest syllabus prescribed by Central Board of Secondary  Education and according to CCE guidelines. RD Sharma class 6 Mathematics Textbook is specially designed for the students who are currently studying in class 6. RD Sharma Class 6 Mathematics consists all the important formulas and concept in a detailed structure, it also has examples for each chapter and exercise for a better understanding of the subject.

Our RD Sharma class 6 solution will help you to understand the concepts and how to approach complicated math problems.

For example:

Fifty – six and seven-tenths written as a decimal number: 56.7

The decimal point goes between ones and tenths: 56.7 has 5 Tens, 6 Ones and 7 Tenths

i.e. 56.7 = 40 + 6 + \(\frac{7}{10}\)

Place Value: When we write numbers the place of each digit is important. For the number 625:

  1. The “5” is in the ones position, it means 5 ones { which is (7) }
  2. The “2” is in the Tens position, it means 2 tens (which is twenty)
  3. And the “6” in in the Hundreds position, meaning 6 hundred.

i.e. 5 Ones (1s), 2 Tens (10s) and 6 Hundred (100s) = Six hundred twenty-five

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