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Mathematics Textbook by R D Sharma class 6 is completely based on the latest syllabus prescribed by Central Board of Secondary  Education and according to CCE guidelines. RD Sharma class 6 Mathematics Textbook is specially designed for the students who are currently studying in class 6. RD Sharma Class 6 Mathematics consists all the important formulas and concept in a detailed structure, it also has examples for each chapter and exercise for a better understanding of the subject.

Our RD Sharma class 6 solution will help you to understand the concepts and how to approach complicated math problems.

For example:

Fifty – six and seven-tenths written as a decimal number: 56.7

The decimal point goes between ones and tenths: 56.7 has 5 Tens, 6 Ones and 7 Tenths

i.e. 56.7 = 40 + 6 + \(\frac{7}{10}\)

Place Value: When we write numbers the place of each digit is important. For the number 625:

  1. The “5” is in the ones position, it means 5 ones { which is (7) }
  2. The “2” is in the Tens position, it means 2 tens (which is twenty)
  3. And the “6” in in the Hundreds position, meaning 6 hundred.

i.e. 5 Ones (1s), 2 Tens (10s) and 6 Hundred (100s) = Six hundred twenty-five

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One morning Ram and Rajat were talking to each other face to face at madiwala crossing signal. If Rajat's shadow was exactly to the left of Ram and in west direction, which direction was Ram facing?