RD Sharma Solutions Class 6 Geometrical Constructions

RD Sharma Solutions Class 6 Chapter 19

In Geometric Construction, we will construct different geometrical objects using different shapes, lines, and angles. This construction requires the use of a compass, rulers (or straightedge), Divider, Protractor, Set-square, and a pencil. In geometrical construction, exact numbers are not required rather we use the method of scaling.

Here we will learn about the following construction of geometrical objects:

  1. Constructing bisector of lines and angles.

  2. Perpendicular lines.

  3. Parallel lines.

  4. Perpendicular bisector.

  5. Angle bisector.

  6. Constructing Circles.

  7. Constructing Triangles.

  8. Constructing Quadrilaterals

Practice questions on Geometrical construction through solved RD Sharma solutions to have a clear view on the topic which can be asked in your examination.

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