RD Sharma Solutions Class 6 Angles

RD Sharma Solutions Class 6 Chapter 11

In everyday life, we come across many objects having two arms joined together by a hinge. An angle is a figure formed by two rays with the same initial point, this initial point is called vertex of the angle. If there are more than one angles in the same plane then we have to identify each angle properly. For this, we follow specific naming rules for angles. Get clear ideas about the naming of angles and magnitude of angles by looking at the solved examples.

Learn about interior and exterior of an angle. The standard unit of measurement of an angle is degree.The degree is denoted by small circle \(^{\circ}\) . Through clear examples understand how a degree is related to minutes and seconds. Learn to differentiate between different kind of angles such as acute angle, obtuse angle, reflex angle.

Learn and get clear idea about these concepts easily by practicing the questions from the exercises given in RD Sharma solution for the chapter “Angles”.

Practise This Question

A student was given the following details while constructing a triangle ABC:

The length of the base of the triangle BC, one of the base angles say B and the sum of the other two sides of the triangle (AB+AC)

He went about the construction of this triangle by first drawing the base of the triangle BC. He then drew an angle at the point B equal to the given angle on a ray that he drew. After completing these steps, he got stuck and doesn’t know what to do next. Which of the following steps will he take up next?