RD Sharma Solutions Class 6 Data Handling Bar Graphs

RD Sharma Solutions Class 6 Chapter 23

Data Handling is one of the more serious and complex actions real mathematicians spend their time and effort on. They collect and observe data from several situations and analyze it, trying to figure out generalities or recurring patterns. But before we start analyzing data, we need to understand how to represent data efficiently. The representation of data varies from pictographs to bar graphs.

Bar graphs are just a graphical method of representing data on a grid using bars with varying heights. The bars may be aligned vertically or horizontally depending on the variables of the data represented. The advantage of bar graphs over regular graphs is that they are visually better appealing and make it easier to compare data with just a glance.

Learn about the concept of data handling with Bar Graphs further with RD Sharma questions with their solutions as they offer a tougher predicament compared to NCERT textbook questions. RD Sharma offers the latest CBSE Syllabus based on CCE guidelines. RD Sharma textbooks can be used by students of any board as they and can be handy for any other boards too as it embraces a strong foundation in all major mathematical topics.

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