CBSE Class 6 Civics(Social and Political Life-I) Important Questions

Civics for Class 6 has expanded its scope to include various aspects of social, political and economic life. Some major topics discussed in this book cover diversity and discrimination, key elements of a democratic government, rural administration, urban livelihoods and so on. Students who aspire to score high marks in the exam are advised to solve this chapter-wise CBSE Class 6 Civics Important Questions in order to revise the subject.

CBSE Class 6 Important Questions for the Civics, section of the subject Social Science helps the students to revise the subject thoroughly. Practising these questions help them to face the exams more confidently. Meanwhile, we have given in this article the links in a table below, from where students can download the chapter-wise important questions. We have compiled the CBSE Class 6 Important Questions of Civics here. Click on the respective links to download the questions for the specific chapters as given below.

Practising these CBSE Important Questions of Class 6 Civics will help the students to prepare more effectively for the exam. It helps the students to learn all the important topics. These important questions can also help them to plan their studies based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Keep learning and stay tuned for further updates on CBSE Exams. Students can also get other resources to prepare for the exam like the CBSE Syllabus, Previous Year Exams, textbooks and more.



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