CBSE Schools In West India

CBSE Schools In West India

West India has always been an epitome of quality education. The states like Maharashtra and Gujarat have always been conscious about education and now are considered as one of the few states with excellent literacy rate.

India became one of the countries to make education a fundamental right after the enactment of Right to Education Act in 2009. Ever since then, every child in the country has the right to get free education from class 1 to 8 in any government school.

The central government has established several CBSE schools in the western region to provide quality education to the students. Along with the government schools, many private CBSE schools have also been established in the region over the last few decades.

The CBSE schools in west India follow the NCERT curriculum and provide excellent infrastructure, facilities and highly qualified teachers for an effective learning environment. The schools also make sure to help in overall development of the students by promoting sports and other extracurricular activities.

The CBSE schools in western states of India (Gujarat and Maharashtra) are given below for reference. The list does not reflect the ranking of the schools and is given in random order.

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