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“God is Present Everywhere” is what we often hear from philosophers, priests, our parents and elders. Even all the religions in today’s world talk about God and the almighty. We can find so many scriptures and holy books in every religion that discuss God’s existence. So, with the help of this essay on God, students will get to know more about God, mentioned in different religious books. It will also give them an idea of how to improve their essay writing skills. Moreover, students can explore how to make their life purposeful and meaningful by using the learning mentioned in different scriptures. If they want to improve their essay writing skills, they must try to write essays on different topics for which they can refer to the list of CBSE Essays.

Meaning of God

There is no such definite meaning of God. People have different meanings, depending on their religion, faith and devotion. Some consider God is the spirit that created the Universe, and we must pray and thank them. Some say that God is the supreme power and the ultimate energy. At the same time, some believe that God is a form of energy that exists in every living organism. There are a few people who do not believe in God. God is in the unconditional belief of people, although there is no scientific evidence of their existence.

India is a country of different cultures and religions. Each religion has described God in its own way. In the Hindu religion, God is described in Puranas, Upanishad and Veda. The holy book Bhagavad Gita and the epic Ramayan show that God has taken the birth and lived the life of a common person in an extraordinary way, which motivates people to follow their path. Similarly, other religious books, such as the Bible, Quran etc., reveal the existence of God.

How Does God Give Purpose to Life?

Faith in God could help in achieving objectives in life, whether they are related to personal, financial or social life. If someone is in trouble or needs assistance, praying to God helps them in finding the solution to the problem. He will start seeing alternate possibilities that one may have missed before. Praying can also have the effect of relieving stress. When someone prays to God, they devote and leave everything in God’s hands. This kind of thought and devotion help them handle tough situations with a cool and calm mind.

Having faith in God helps in being true to oneself and others. People start loving and enjoying their life to the fullest. They do not get involved with wrongdoing. They start enjoying each moment of life.

At the end of the day, we must talk to ourselves before going to sleep. It will be like talking to God and also making life better. We can analyse and understand what we have done the entire day, what were the good things and where the scope of improvement was there. In this way, one can easily enhance the quality of life by inculcating good things in them. We must ask for God’s guidance, wisdom, and strength to do the right things in difficult times. We must trust God even when we fail at something. Learning from our mistakes, standing up again and working on them will give us strength. We must never lose faith and trust in God; He will always do what is best for us and our life.

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